The United States Welcomes the Announcement of Election Date for Parliamentary Elections

The United States welcomes today’s announcement by the Independent Election Commission (IEC) of a July 7, 2018 date for parliamentary elections in Afghanistan.

Regular elections are the hallmark of a healthy democratic society.  The holding of parliamentary elections is of paramount importance, giving people an opportunity to exercise their fundamental right to choose their legislative representatives.  The United States and other international partners will work with the IEC, assisting it to implement necessary electoral reforms and make practical and logistical preparations for voting.

To truly reflect the will of the Afghan people, these elections should be transparent, fair, and credible.  An integral part of this transparency will be the broad consultation and consensus building among all Afghans that assures an election process that safeguards the political stability of the country and the legitimacy of its institutions.  The United States welcomes close IEC collaborative efforts with Afghanistan’s civil society and the full spectrum of political actors to achieve this consensus and ensure the transparency and integrity of these elections.