U.S. Embassy Kabul Statement on the Kabul Process on Peace and Security

The United States welcomes today’s meeting of the “Kabul Process on Peace and Security” convened by the Afghan government. This conference brings together nearly 30 international partners for what we hope will be candid and productive conversations to advance peace, security, and connectivity in Afghanistan and the region.

The United States stands resolved with the Government of Afghanistan, the people of Afghanistan, and all those who seek an end to the violence that has too long plagued Afghanistan. We shall not waver or be intimidated by those who advocate violence and intolerance.

The events of the past several days—including the truck bomb on May 31 that killed and wounded hundreds of Afghans, and the suicide attack on a funeral on June 3—underscore the need for all those who support peace to reassert their commitment to fight terrorism in all its forms. In the wake of this violence, we call for unity, perseverance, and a commitment to justice. The United States stands shoulder to shoulder with the Afghan government against terrorists seeking to destabilize the country and will work with Afghan authorities to help bring to justice those responsible for the attacks.

We expect the discussions today will serve as a platform to identify practical ways for the international community to support Afghan efforts to achieve security, peace and reconciliation, and economic development.