U.S. Embassy Kabul Condemns the Murder of Farkhunda (March 25, 2015)

March 25, 2015

The U.S. Embassy Kabul strongly condemns the brutal murder of Ms. Farkhunda in Kabul last week. We join with the Afghan people in calling for those responsible to be brought to justice so that such heinous acts will never occur again, and we note the steps the Afghan authorities have taken in this regard.  We welcome President Ghani’s statement this week in Washington that “the government of national unity is an enduring phenomenon, and one of its key characteristics is its honesty in dealing with the balance sheet that we have inherited…corruption, impunity regarding rule of law, gender disparities, disparities between rich and poor, and the enduring poverty…”  The U.S. Embassy will work with the Government of Afghanistan to meet these challenges. In particular, we will support the Government of Afghanistan in preserving the gains of Afghan women over the past 13 years and continuing to promote rule of law, prevent gender-based violence, and take steps toward gender equality. Afghan women, like women around the world, have the right to live their lives free from fear of harassment, insecurity, and the threat of violence. We are committed to working with civil society, as well as the Government of Afghanistan, to make that vision a reality.