U.S. Embassy Condemns Attack on NATO Convoy in Kabul Province

U.S. Embassy Kabul strongly condemns the Thursday, August 3 attack on a NATO convoy in Kabul Province resulting in the death of one Resolute Support Mission solider and Afghan civilians. In addition, five members of the convoy, including an interpreter, sustained injuries. This cowardly suicide attack, carried out while this courageous team was on security patrol in Qarabagh District, once again demonstrates the Taliban’s utter contempt for human life, peace, and stability. We send our heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the service member killed and offer our sincere hope for quick recovery of the six who were wounded.

This attack, the second in two days, once again illustrates the Taliban’s depravity and promotion of an empty ideology bereft of respect for any human life. These attacks only serve to strengthen our determination to support our Afghan friends and partners in their efforts to establish a peaceful and prosperous future for their children and all the people of Afghanistan.