Scheduling Appointment

Do NOT schedule an appointment for a CRBA via the online appointment system.

To schedule an appointment, send an email to with the subject line “Request for CRBA Appointment – [NAME OF YOUR CHILD]”.   We will review your forms quickly to determine if they are complete. This does not mean you are approved, just that your application is documentarily complete.  If your application is not complete, we will request additional information from you.  Once your information is reviewed, we will notify you of the time and date of your appointment.  If you have an emergency and urgently require an appointment, we will make all efforts to accommodate your request.

Please note that we do not accept walk in CRBA applications.  Applicants who appear without the appropriate appointment documentation will not be allowed entry to the Embassy compound.

Your email must include:

  • Scanned copies of:
    • completed but unsigned DS-2029 form (PDF – 345 KB)
    • marriage certificate and certified English translation
    • the child’s birth certificate or Afghan Tazkera and certified English translation(s)
    • parents’ passports (biographical data page) or government-issued IDs