U.S. Ambassador P. Michael McKinley’s Statement on the SOM and RECCA

Last week the world saw a remarkable show of support for Afghanistan as representatives from over 40 regional and donor countries gathered at two high-level meetings to show their commitment to helping Afghanistan achieve enduring stability, security, and prosperity.  The Senior Officials Meeting demonstrated the deep and continuing commitment of donor countries to support the Afghan government as it works to address formidable security and economic challenges.  The Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan that preceded the SOM saw regional partners identify ways to integrate Afghanistan into the creation of a robust regional economy to improve prosperity for all Afghans and their neighbors.

Afghanistan’s government of national unity highlighted accomplishments in key areas, and outlined its comprehensive plans for further progress in the months and years ahead.  We congratulate the Afghan government for the hard-won progress achieved despite enormous security and economic challenges.  Its work to curb corruption, revive the economy, increase regional economic connectivity, and improve the electoral process is to be commended.

As we said during the SOM, the road ahead will not be easy for Afghanistan, and the Afghan people and the unity government will continue to need robust international and regional support.  Joining the international community, the American people remain committed to Afghanistan.  The Government of Afghanistan, as well, has reaffirmed its determination to deliver on its promises of reform, stability, economic growth, and the continued protection of human rights, including women’s rights and the rights of minorities.  These are obligations and commitments that we undertake together with the people of Afghanistan in friendship and partnership.