Statement by U.S. Embassy Kabul Special Chargé d’Affaires Ambassador Hugo Llorens on the Occasion of Eid-al-Fitr

On behalf of my wife Lisett, our Embassy family, the American people and the U.S. government, I would like to extend my best wishes to the people of Afghanistan on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.  Tonight marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, and Afghans throughout this great nation—and indeed the world—are now gathering with friends and families in celebration.  Ramadan is an important time of devotion and self-reflection celebrated by Muslims in Afghanistan, the United States, and throughout the world.  It is a time to focus on reflection, spiritual growth, forgiveness, resilience, compassion for those less fortunate, and unity across communities.  Each lesson is profound on its own, and taken together forms a harmonious whole.

Unfortunately, this year’s Ramadan was also filled with sorrow as the enemies of peace carried out vicious attacks on innocent Afghans.  We mourn with all who were injured or affected by these attacks.  We reject this senseless violence, and we must all stand together united in our common humanity and dedication to peace and justice for all.  Let me express my sincere condolences to Senator Izyadar and his family, as well as all the other Afghan families who lost loved ones in the recent violence.  The United States continues to urge that a full investigation of the attacks that took place on May 31 and June 3, as well as allegations of excessive violence and killing of demonstrators, be conducted in a fair and transparent manner consistent with Afghan law.  My government has offered technical assistance to assist the Attorney General’s office with these important investigations.

In this holy month of reflection, we cannot forget the millions of Afghans displaced by conflict and struggle across the country.  Unfortunately, many Afghans are not able to celebrate Eid with their families.  We must seek opportunities to alleviate the pain and suffering of those struggling without the means to provide for their families, and to prevent the violence that drives people from their homes.  This sacred time reminds us of our shared obligation to uphold the dignity of every human single being.

As families and friends throughout Afghanistan gather this evening to celebrate Eid, Muslims across the United States also celebrate together.  Muslim communities in the United States are multicultural, multiethnic communities who have enriched the tapestry of America.  In fact, there are Muslims in America whose heritage can be traced back to the founding of our nation.  These individuals, along with those newly arrived, are the very essence of America.  Doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, law enforcement officials, public servants, and military officers all coming together as one united community across the nation to celebrate Eid.

On this joyous occasion, we would like to restate our commitment to support the Afghan people and their government as they strive to achieve peace and prosperity for this beautiful land.

Peace and love to everyone, from our family, to your family, as we celebrate Eid-al-Fitr.  Eid Mubarak