State Department Launches Afghan Family Reunification Landing Page

The Department of State announces today the launch of an Afghan family reunification landing page, which contains information on how Afghans in the United States can seek to reunify with their family members, depending on their immigration status or method of entry to the United States.

Since August 2021, the United States has supported the reunification and resettlement of Afghan families. Although the United States has been able to successfully reunify some families, others remain separated, and continue to experience hardship and challenges. The purpose of this reunification landing page is to help those families which are still separated.

The United States has an enduring commitment to the people of Afghanistan and is committed to providing individuals seeking to reunite with their family members with the information and tools they need. Individuals seeking reunification with family members in Afghanistan may have different avenues to pursue reunification depending on their immigration status or method of entry to the United States. Our family reunification landing page identifies pathways and how individuals can begin the applicable process for: U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents (LPRs), refugees, asylees, and Afghan parolees, including those subsequently granted temporary protected status.

The landing page will be located on a new section of the Department’s Afghanistan Inquiries page, and the U.S. Mission to Afghanistan and the USCIS websites which will direct individuals seeking reunification with their family members to the available pathways.