Readout of the President’s Video Conference with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani

July 22, 2015

The President today participated in a video conference with President Ashraf Ghani of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Abdullah.  The President commended the progress made since the leaders met in Washington in March, including on efforts to curb corruption, revive the economy, and improve regional economic connectivity.  The President also praised the Afghan security forces’ performance during the current fighting season.  The leaders discussed ways to continue to strengthen the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces as part of the U.S. train, advice, and assist mission and deepen the close U.S.-Afghanistan partnership to counter threats to Afghanistan and its people.  They also discussed the need to encourage regional cooperation to counter terrorist threats.  The President offered continued U.S. support for the Afghan-led peace process and applauded President Ghani for his efforts to advance reconciliation. The two leaders committed to continuing close consultations in the months ahead.