Lincoln Learning Centers

What are Lincoln Learning Centers?

Lincoln Learning Centers are partnerships between the Public Affairs section of the U.S. Embassy and host institutions. They provide access to current and reliable information about the United States via book collections, the Internet, and through local programming to the general public. Sponsored jointly by the U.S. Embassy and a host country organization, Lincoln Learning Centers serve as information outposts similar to a public library reference service. The multi-media, book and periodical collections are open and accessible. Associated reading or meeting rooms are made available for host program events and activities (i.e. author readings, films, speaker programs, workshops, films, meetings, and exhibits).

The fundamental function of the Lincoln Learning Centers is to make information about the United States available to foreign audiences. At a minimum, Lincoln Learning Centers consist of a collection of books in English about the U.S. The book collection may include reference titles, works of fiction, business and government publications. Lincoln Learning Centers also provide access to U.S. information through supervised Internet access, audio and video products, CDs, and CD-ROMS. Host institution personnel staff the Centers.