Announcement of Funding Opportunities

The Public Affairs Section (PAS) of U.S. Embassy Kabul is currently accepting proposals in response to six funding opportunities posted on the Embassy website and  Please visit the following websites for complete information on these funding opportunities: or

  1. Protecting and Promoting Afghanistan’s Diverse Cultural Heritage: This project seeks to preserve and protect the diverse cultural heritage of Afghanistan, while raising awareness of the richness and diversity of the nation’s heritage. Projects can include heritage that is defined as either “intangible” such as traditional crafts, music and literary traditions, or “tangible” heritage such as buildings, monuments, sites, artifacts, and museum collections.
  2. Increase Girl’s Access to Athletics: This grant project focuses on increasing girl’s participation in sports and physical fitness in Afghanistan. The recipient should partner with local communities and or schools to create a safe outdoor space for girls to engage in activities such as local sports groups, cross-country marathons, and inter-regional sports events to help young people develop the ability to work in a team and gain the confidence to lead.
  1. Management of the U.S. Public Diplomacy Program Alumni Network: This project will facilitate coordination to enable alumni to play an active role in the social, economic, and political development of Afghanistan. This will include the creation and management of a robust schedule of networking events, professional development workshops, cross-border dialogues, community engagement projects and mentoring programs as well as the management of an alumni grants program.
  2. Arts and Activism: This project will support art-focused organizations or non-governmental organizations who partner with artists to articulate key messages related to peace, reconciliation, and respect for the rights for all Afghan citizens using art as a vehicle.  Tying these key messages with the appropriate medium – visual arts, music, drama or film – will help community organizations communicate in new ways to bring about positive change.
  3. Peace Journalism Project: This cooperative agreement will support current peace and reconciliation efforts through 1) developing media fact-checking capacity, 2) enhancing peace reporting and public outreach on the peace process, and 3) strengthening provincial media organizations.
  4. National Unity Project: The goal of this project is to fund public in-person and virtual activities that promote the Afghan peace and reconciliation process. It will mobilize Afghan citizens at a critical juncture in their history, in anticipation of a peace settlement between the Afghan government and the Taliban. This campaign will celebrate Afghan national identity and shared Afghan values. To foster a renewed sense of common Afghan identity, the project will involve all groups, individuals, tribes, demographics, and ethnicities.