Ambassador Hugo Llorens Remarks for Kabul University Music Department/USFOR-A Band Joint Concert

Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to the Embassy.  We are always thrilled to have young Afghan musicians bring their talent here, and it’s a double treat to have them join the USFOR-A 1st Cavalry Band from Bagram Air Base!


Before we get started, I would like to offer a special welcome to Mr. Hedayati Hadi, Deputy Minister of the Communications and Information Technology Ministry;

Thank you all for coming and supporting this important cultural program.

Leading the 1st Cavalry band is Second Lieutenant Philip Tappan. To the members of the USFOR-A 1st Cavalry Band, the students and teachers of Kabul University – you are all most welcome, and we look forward to enjoying the fruits of your collaboration.

The music today will be a wonderful combination of Afghan and western music, including traditional Afghan, jazz, and brass pieces.  This is a great example of cross-cultural engagement, bringing our countries closer together.

The Afghan students spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday rehearsing with their American bandmates, all learning from one another.  This project is a great example of our combined effort to help the young people of Afghanistan appreciate their culture, follow their dreams, and succeed in today’s world.

Today’s concert is a chance for Americans and Afghans to come together and celebrate a love of music.  It’s an example of the fraternal ties between our people and our commitment to many more years of friendship and of creating a better future for all of us.

Thank you.